Mini taster readings


This is a short term offer only to help give new customers (like you!) a sense of the readings I offer.

Quick 15 minute readings to help you answer your most pressing questions.


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Mini Taster Readings

Readings to guide & support you – although I read for many people I’ve found these are particularly helpful for spiritual, creative & empathic people.

Sometimes life’s challenges & our own deepening journeys can make it hard to listen to the wisdom of our own intuition.

Although this is a short mini reading I will connect to your energy & call on the higher realms for insight, clarity and comfort.

Readings may include:

  • Messages from your guides or spirit team
  • A ‘body’ scan to check energy health – both physical & spiritual
  • Prayer, intention setting and/or healing
  • Intuitive counselling & chaneled wisdom
  • Information on past lives
  • Occassional moments of silence when I am listening to guides
  • Connection from past loved ones
  • I will go where I am guided and where the need is but you are welcome to send a message when booking if there is anything you’d like to share

Please be aware that we only have a small amount of time as this is a mini read – so what comes through will be limited.

Essentially a reading will offer you kindness, hope & my undivided loving attention.

How it works:
1. Once you have purchased a reading I will set time aside to tune into you & your energy & record the guidance offered.
2. Your voice recorded reading will be sent via email within a week for you to listen to & to download to tap into as often as you need (it’s very simple!).
3. After you have listened to your reading you will have the option to ask a clarifying single question that I will reply to – this can be helpful if there was a particular message you needed further information about.


✨I will always work in light and for the greater good. You are guaranteed a loving message 💛

Please be aware readings are personal to you, there are many factors involved including your openness and willingness to receive. We can never categorically ‘tell the future’ as minor decisions can change our paths, but we can always tap into a deeper sense of love, raise our vibration & set a higher intention for our next steps & it is my aim to help you do this.

About Kuhla:
I’ve been actively walking a spiritually awakened path since 1995. This includes mediumship, past life work, being ordained as an interfaith minister & various other trainings.

✨It is my intention to raise the vibration of the planet and I would love for you to join me.✨

If you feel more comfortable ‘getting to know me’ a little first please check out Handmade Dorset on TikTok 🙂