Readings & Personalised Energy Painting


Discover Deeper Insights: Combine an Energy Reading with Your Personalised Energy Painting

Enhance your journey of self-discovery & awareness by pairing an Energy Reading with your unique Energy Portrait.

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Readings & Personalised Energy Painting


Why Choose Both?

  • More Understanding: The Energy Portrait complements the Reading, offering more insights for a better self-understanding & self-awareness.
  • Validation: The Reading can confirm the accuracy of your painting’s colours and symbolism and vice-versa.
  • Guided healing with amplified focus: The visual representation of energy field aspects together with the helpful narrative can offer a more direct awareness of areas that require attention, healing or clearing.
  • Double Celebration: Having both can doubly highlight the beauty and areas of joy in your life to celebrate.


About the Readings:

Readings to guide & support you – although I read for many people I’ve found these are particularly helpful for spiritual, creative & empathic people.

Readings last around 30 minutes and a lot of useful information can be shared in that time.

Sometimes life’s challenges & our own deepening journeys can make it hard to listen to the wisdom of our own intuition.

In this heart-centred reading I will connect to your energy & call on the higher realms for insight, clarity and comfort.

Readings may include messages from your guides or spirit team, information on past lives, a ‘body’ scan to check energy, prayer/intention setting, healing and moments of silence. I will go where I am guided and where the need is. Essentially a reading will offer you Kindness & hope & my loving attention.

How it works:
1. Once you have purchased a reading I will set time aside to tune into you & your energy & record the guidance offered.
2. Your voice recorded reading will be sent via email within a week for you to listen to & to download to tap into as often as you need (it’s very simple!).
3. After you have listened to your reading you will have the option to ask a clarifying single question that I will reply to – this can be helpful if there was a particular message you needed further information about.


About the Paintings:

Personalised energy art

Energy Portraits are a visual representation of your unique aura and body energy, transformed into beautiful artwork.

A physical representation can highlight areas of both strength and challenge that you may be unaware of, illuminating the areas to cleanse and the areas to celebrate.

How it works:
1. Once you have purchased a painting I will set time aside to tune into you & your energy.

2. I will create your personalised energy painting with magical handmade paints. I’ll often include a simple written explanation or reading of the colours or areas of interest.

3. You’ll receive your artwork by tracked delivery within a week (international deliveries will take longer).

4. After you have received your painting you will have the option to ask a clarifying single question by email that I will reply to – this can be helpful if there was a particular part of the painting you needed further information about.

Your artwork will be imbued with healing energy and love. The colours and positive energy within the artwork can:

  • Uplift Your Spirit: The artwork’s positive energy acts as a constant reminder of your inner strength and resilience, boosting your mood and outlook on life.
  • Empower Positivity: By showcasing the beautiful aspects of your aura and body energy, the painting reinforces feelings of self-love, confidence, and joy.
  • Encourage Balance & Well-Being: Helps you to recognise the natural ‘goodness’ of your being – no matter how we feel there is inherent goodness within us. Seeing this can contribute to a sense of overall well-being, promoting emotional and mental harmony.
  • Sparks Inspiration: As you gaze upon the artwork, it can inspire personal growth and motivate you to embrace positive changes in your life.

I will always work in light and for the greater good

✨It is my intention to raise the vibration of the planet and I would love for you to join me.✨