What does it mean when planets are in retrograde?

What does it mean when planets are in retrograde? Here's what you need to know to use them to your spiritual advantage!
What does it mean when planets are in retrograde?

What does it mean when planets are in retrograde?

Soul-Level Effects of Retrograde Planets

As cosmic rhythms realign, each retrograde planet holds unique influences on our soul’s journey:

  • Mercury Retrograde: Planet of communication and thought. It can stir misunderstandings and prompt introspection, inviting us to reevaluate how we express ourselves and listen to our inner voice.
  • Venus Retrograde: Governing love and relationships. This retrograde may lead to reevaluation of connections, urging us to deepen self-love, reassess values, and align with genuine affection.
  • Saturn Retrograde: Ruler of discipline and lessons. As it retrogrades, we’re prompted to reflect on our responsibilities, delve into inner wisdom, and consider any necessary adjustments to our life’s framework.
  • Chiron Retrograde: Associated with healing and growth. During this period, past wounds may resurface, offering us the chance to heal, grow stronger, and ultimately embrace our vulnerabilities.
  • Uranus Retrograde: The agent of change and innovation. Retrograde prompts inner shifts, encouraging us to free ourselves from stagnant patterns and embrace authentic transformation.
  • Neptune Retrograde: Governs spirituality and illusions. As it retrogrades, it invites us to seek clarity, dissolve any false perceptions, and elevate our consciousness.
  • Pluto Retrograde: Planet of transformation. During its retrograde, deep introspection can lead to shedding old layers, releasing attachments, and harnessing inner strength.
  • Jupiter Retrograde: (Jupiter joins the others on the 4th) The planet of expansion and growth. When Jupiter is in retrograde, it encourages us to turn our attention inward and explore the vast landscapes of our inner world. It may prompt us to reconsider our belief systems, philosophies, and life’s purpose.

It’s all about the INNER work – looking within, asking the big questions, choosing your reality moment by moment. If you need support at this time readings or energy paintings can really give you the guidance you need.

Amid these planetary currents, please be kind to yourself, and recognise that growth unfolds at its own pace. This is not the end of your story. ✨🌟💫 

Keep shining beauty, Kuhla ✨

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