It’s ok to rest…

It's ok to rest

Hello my friend! Happy Sunday 🙂

It’s been a while – how are you?

I’ve needed to take some self-care days, to tend to myself and my lovely hobbling wife (just in case you didn’t know her leg is still in a cast, she is counting down the hours until her next appt!).. We’ve gathered together a new kind of normal around here and finally my new office/studio space is ready for action so here I am!

But more than ever I wanted to make this post to reach out to you and remind you that it’s ok to rest. It’s ok to prioritise your wellbeing and to nourish and protect your energy – and to breathe.

We’ve all had such a year of it – whatever else has happened – life since covid arrived has been hard. Please don’t go about your business imaging you’ve not been affected, just remember your own peace of mind might need a little extra tlc just now, be a good friend to yourself and take the time if you need it xx

If you need support please contact any of the following, don’t go it alone my friend:



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