Happy June!


Can you believe we are half way through the year already?! My birthday falls a day after the Summer solstice and I can’t believe it’s just around the corner – Father’s Day is almost here – feels waaaay too early! Am I just getting old? Tell me you feel it too 🙂

Little screen grab of the Etsy store above, proudly featuring some of the Father’s Day cards I have available this year, it’s clickable if you see something you like. My own Dad passed a few years ago, but I always remember having such difficulty finding cards that weren’t too flowery in wording or depicting some hobby that he didn’t do! He just liked to drink tea and watch T.V. I think I’ll pop a pic of him below in memory, not sure what he’d think of that but he was once snapped by a local photographer and he rather liked the mini celebrity status it gave him 🙂 It’s a silly one that I edited for his last birthday card, he did like a giggle x

If you have a man in your life doing the job of loving you the way a Father loves a child – then use the day to tell him how much you appreciate it, relationships can be complicated – this day makes it easy to show you care.

​Have a good one friends x

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