Happy New Year!

If you receive our monthly special offers (sign up here if you would like to) or follow us on social media you may have seen the changes I’ve recently made to the Etsy shop – here’s a summary…

Last year Etsy ‘encouraged’ sellers to offer free delivery by stating that shops offering free shipping would have priority placement in searches.

Yikes I thought, I better do it, and I duly complied by adding my post and packing costs to each item as recommended – which makes no odds if you only want to buy one card – but gets a bit steep if Aunty Beryl’s birthday and Cousin Jim’s wedding all happen in the same week!

So, this week I’ve bitten the bullet chums, and changed it all back! P+P is now only £1 per item and 50p for additional items. I didn’t want to ‘trick’ my customers (YOU!) into thinking shipping was free – and, at the end of the day, we are not mass-produced Amazon or Ebay sellers – we sell carefully designed and handcrafted items for discerning customers. And I want to make your experience shopping with us the best it can possibly be.

​(Fingers crossed Etsy don’t find out ha ha…)

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