Mini Journal Ideas – simple but beautiful!

I’ve so many mini journal ideas and this week I shared the first cover makeover!

Mini Journal Ideas - simple but beautiful!
Mini Journal decorating ideas

The journals are made from natural heavyweight calico and look gorgeous as they are, however, they are also ideal for adding your finishing touches – whether that’s with paint, inks, stitch or glue. For this project I’ve used ordinary acrylic paint topped with a coat of acrylic varnish and finished with a fine permanent pen.

Mini Journal Ideas
Painting a miniature landscape on the cover of our eco friendly mini journals
Mini Journal Ideas - simple but beautiful!
Here’s the finished article – I’m in love with how adorable it is!

Mini Journal Ideas

I’ve lots more ideas but so far this little cutie has received lots of fab admiration – so much so that I’ve decided to paint a limited number for sale as extra special one offs – keep your eyes peeled for an announcement about them when they’re ready.

To watch the how-to video check out TikTok or YouTube

Blank ready to decorate journals are available here.

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