Recycled card for crafting

I'm often asked for recycled card recommendations - here's my top two...

I’m often asked by other small business and craft groups for recommendations for recycled card for crafting. It’s fabulous that so many people are seeking out ways to support the planet and any little change is helpful.

Over the years I’ve found it a challenge to find something suitable,

it needed to have:

Recycled card for crafting

After much trial and error – seriously I’ve tried dozens – these are the best two I’ve found so far – neither is perfect – but they are both a long way towards perfection!

Recycled card for crafting

Craft UK Limited are a British family owned business and offer the solid basics for card making from papers, envelopes to some no-cut decoupage etc.

Of all the papers I’ve tried theirs offers the brightest white shade – so much so that I hounded them initially to be sure it was recycled! The card has a great smooth surface for laser printing and crafting.

The only downside is the weight – coming in at 250gsm it is a little thinner than I’d like – but it still makes a good quality card with bright colours.

It currently sells for around £7.99 for a pack of 100. The amazon image is an affiliate link – which means I get a tiny commission if you purchase from that link.

Recycled card for crafting

The latest card to hit my printer is this one from

Ecocraft really have come into their own over recent years, they supply a great variety of eco kind materials for the planet conscious customer. It’s not the cheapest but the products and the service are great.

The white version of this card is a lush 300 gsm – perfect for greetings cards. However, there are two downsides:

1. In a high proportion of the sheets are tiny flecks due to the manufacturing process as the card is made from a mix of post consumer waste. This is fine if you are printing over/covering a good portion of the sheet – my card designs tend not to.

2. The price – it is almost double the cost of the CraftUK card especially given that I ‘waste’ so many because of the tiny random flecks.

The sample I requested didn’t seem to have so many flecks – not all of them do though – so I bought 500 sheets! Next time I will try the superior quality pack.)

However, even with these flaws – I still recommend it if thickness is important to you.

Recycled card for crafting

I’d be happy to answer any questions if I can – no gate – keeping here!

Simply add a comment to this page and I’ll get to responding soon 🙂

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