Top recommended sticker paper!

There’s not a week goes by without someone asking what’s my top recommended sticker paper – it has to be my most frequently asked question and I’m pleased to share what I’ve discovered through years of trial and error.

If you’re looking for a thick sticker paper with a super smooth and clean white finish you’ve found it!

I’ve found the Koala Inkjet Self Adhesive sticker paper to be the best so far – the super smooth surface gives even small details a crisp and clean finish, and the matt surface is buttery smooth.

These lush stickers were printed on Koala matte paper using the Canon Pixma Pro 100s on the matte photo paper setting as recommended below.

Here’s some info shared by Koala:

  • Special inkjet coating for outstanding image colours and reproduction, compatible with inkjet printer and dye ink. 
  • Durable adhesive sticker labels that stick to any smooth and flat surfaces. 
  • Matte Inkjet Sticker Paper, A4 (210x297mm), 100 Sheets Per Pack 
  • Great for school projects, business meetings and DIY. Can be used as stickers, item labels, party and holiday decorations, etc. 
  • Before printing, please set the paper type to Matte Photo Paper or other similar types in the printer’s Printing Preferences. There are NO MARKINGS on the back of the paper. You can now make full use of the back of each sheet, which is eco-friendly.

Just a heads up the Koala Paper link above is an affiliate link and I’ll get a tiny tip if you purchase using it. Give me a shout if you’d like any more info!

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