We made it – moving home and studio!

Wowsers! I’m not moving for at least 10 years! Lordy lordy… that nearly threw me over the edge lol.
But…. I survived, and I’m here to fill you in on news and new products 🙂


Have you seen these new lovelies? I tried to design them so they would suit any age and with flexibility of wording ‘my cousin/our cousin’ and, at least for now, they are at my usual card price – so ABSOLUTELY FREE personalisation!

If there’s any other relative/friendship names or words you’d like to see please give me a shout. I’ve loved creating them and they’re selling really well so I guess you love them too.


If you subscribe to my VIP emails to receive monthly special offers and freebies you have heard me apologise already!

If not, this is for you – I’m so sorry for the long order delays – so many problems with the internet and my printer (Big Bertha weighs 7.5 stone so I had to rely on help to set her up in her new ‘office’ space.) I’m delighted to let you know orders are back to fast and free shipping of 1 – 2 business days… Phew.. and my new ‘office’ space is actually nestled on my upstairs landing (I’m not sure what it’s called in America, if it’s different at all?), which is why I keep using quotation marks because it’s not an ‘office’ at all ha ha ha.

So my lovelies, finding my feet, settling in, ridiculously exhausted, but happy with the move. Let normality continue, hurrah! (Raised eyebrows all round – what it ‘normal’?!)

Take care of yourselves in this heat, stay hydrated, rest loads and soak up that lush vitamin d when it’s safe to do so. x

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