Small Biz Tips – video phone stand

Small biz tips - my favourite video phone stand

Here’s another small biz tip – an extending hands-free phone holder for recording videos or taking repetitive still shots.

Small Biz Tips - video phone stand

I’ve had sooo many different types of phone stands over recent years – from wobbly tripods to bouncing clip ons and I have to say this has been by far the easiest to use with the best results.

I love it for these fab points:

  1. The base is weighted so you can have your phone at 90 degrees without it tipping over.
  2. The whole screen is visible so you can see exactly what you’re recording (many of these contraptions cover parts of the screen).
  3. The phone holder has lights on both sides with various brightness settings – super handy.
  4. It comes with a little gadget that operates your shutter without having to touch your phone (it slides into the base for storage).
  5. The unit and the gadget both charge via the popular C usb fitting.
  6. The whole unit folds down to a small box saving on storage when it’s not in use (although mine has never been packed away tbh!).

Small biz tip – let me know and let me know if you’d like

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