Fave small biz products – sticky stuff

Fave small biz products - sticky stuff

This fave small biz product is up there with my printers and paper! Not a week goes by where I don’t use this – yet it’s lasted me years!

Do you hate stickers scissors? Me too! The parcel tapes wreck havoc with my scissors on the daily – it’s so frustrating and slows down my order packing. But here’s my secret to happy scissors – a couple of drops of this on a cotton pad cleans them up quickly and easily. (It’s also super handy for removing the tacky stuff left from labels on products.)

Here’s the official bumpf:

“Sticky Stuff Remover’s unique formulation is designed to tackle ‘icky sticky’ messes on most surfaces.

Tackles stains such as: chewing gum, sticky labels, grease, tar, glue, wax, wet paint, crayon and much more.

Can be used on most surfaces including: glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, worktops and many more”.

Fave small biz products - sticky stuff

Click here or on the image to grab it via my affiliate link – I’ll get 20p or so – it all adds up 😉

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